Monday, November 23, 2015


The Dollhouse Murder Mystery is steeped in authentic Art Deco ambiance with Victoria St. John  the self described sleuth, who discovers a murdered man on an Aubusson rug in the dollhouse's ballroom. 
     Absurd as it may seem she is able to engage John Hamilton, the handsome museum director's interest, and off they go in a time-travel escapade into the dollhouse to solve the murder mystery.
    Encounters with Art Deco personalities of the day percolate the fantasy adventure including Marcel Duchamp, Tamara de Lempicka, the Baron and Baroness de Meyer, Zorach and others. Inspector Pettihomme spearheads the investigation.  The question is "Who is the dead man?" Yet, he arrives in the ballroom quite alive, or is he an impostor? 
      Dear readers, find out for yourself and enjoy this jolly romp with a subtle romance ensuring. One reader wrote: "It was a treat like eating a delicious eclair. I love all the people in it." Another fan said, "I love this book, it is so enchanting."  The Dollhouse Murder Mystery is available on Amazon.

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