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Historian/New York author 
Polly Guerin presents the distinguished history of The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York : A History (The History Press 2015). The book is a tribute to this essential New York institution located at 20 West 44th Street, right in the heart of the tony clubs on Club House row. The facade of the building is a New York City Landmark and the building itself is listed on the National register of Historic places. Since its beginning The Society has identified with its slogan and icon "By Hammer and Hand All Arts do Stand."

    The skilled craftsmen of New York founded The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York in 1785, and the organization's history is strongly aligned from the beginning with the city's physical and cultural development. 
    In 1820, The Society founded its library, now called the General Society Library and began a Lecture Series in 1837, which continues today to present diverse subjects that resonate with New Yorkers and
individuals in the landmark, building and construction industry. 
   The GSMT opened the only free-tuition Mechanics Institute in 1858 to provide free education to the trades. Prominent New York members included the GSMT's great benefactor Andrew Carnegie whose largess is legendary. Peter Cooper, Abram Stevens Hewitt, Duncan Phyfe among others
Back Cover of the GSMT book
were members of The Society and contributed to establishing it as the quintessential organization, now celebrating in 2015 its 230th anniversary.

    The Society's events and programs continue to improve the lives of New Yorkers while fostering an innovative and inventive spirit.
     Jonathan D. Resnick, president, Jack Resnick & Sons said: "The men and women that have come through The Society have literally built New York City, either with their hands and tools, or by becoming business leaders who shaped the City's real estate and construction industries.  It is my hope that The Society continues to build and change this great City.
    This book can be purchased on AMAZON. 

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